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One of the most striking, and first, signs of aging are wrinkles that, over time, deepen…especially in the face, neck or hands.

The formation of wrinkles is a natural process which every individual goes through.

There are many ways to eliminate, or less the appearance-of, wrinkles, both for women & men. Our clinic offers subtle surgery & laser treatments to rejuvenate.


Happy Lift and other injectable treatments for loose-skin & wrinkles on face, neck, under-chin area, are available at Cleopatra Clinic.

Fractional laser
Our clinic uses the most advanced type of ‘CO2’ laser. Completely new, accurate technology is deployed in CO2 lasers: it is a ‘fractional’ optimally-calibrated type of the laser beam, for precision treatment of your skin-type & condition...all in service of your comfort.

Gesichts und Halsglättung / Face and Neck - Lifting

Excellent results: immediate improvement of skin structure, restoration of collagen production, and promoting a healthful, robust fibroblast-elastin underlayer, which is the foundation of youthful skin appearance and other healthy organs.

Wir können dem Gesicht jüngeres Aussehen und Frische verleihen.


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