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Removing acne scars


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Removing acne scars


Laser type

We use the latest type of CO2 laser. It is a fairly new CO2 laser technology – the use of fractions of a laser beam.

What does fraction mean?

Chess-like firing of laser beams into the deeper layers of skin. This activates repair processes in the skin, including an increased formation of collagen. This allows you to achieve the effect without the need to sharpen the deep layers of skin, as was the case with older types of lasers.

What are the benefits of fraction?

The benefits are significant. Since there is no need to use a laser beam to sharpen broadly the deep layers of skin, there is a significantly shorter healing period, the skin redness subsides faster, and mainly, fraction significantly reduces the risk of pigment spots after treatment.

Older types of CO2 lasers:

Healing through noticeable scabs takes 14 days, the skin redness subsides up to 3 months.

A new type of fractional CO2 laser:

Healing proceeds through peeling off of the skin without any scabs and the healing period is only about three days, redness subsides within 7 days. After that the skin is slightly pink (like after sun tanning) for a very short period of time.

Other benefits:

  • Simple application
  • No prior patient preparation required
  • without anaesthesia
  • minimal postoperative discomfort
  • excellent results: an immediate skin lifting, improvement of the skin structure, restoration of collagen formation

What can be treated with laser?

  1. Wrinkles – shallow – the face, forehead, around the lips, neck, cleavage etc.
  2. Skin outgrowth removal (fibromas, moles etc.)
  3. Pigment spots - age spots and some types of hyperpigmentation, on the face, neck, cleavage, backs of the hands, arms
  4. Enlarged pores
  5. Skin structure and relief
  6. Acne scars – non-acute acne symptoms
  7. Scars grinding
  8. Snoring surgery

What cannot be treated with laser?

  1. Enlarged blood vessels and veins
  2. Pigment spots that have already been unsuccessfully treated
  3. Depilation – hair removal
  4. Acute forms of acne (only the scars and damaged skin relief after acne)

What does the treatment involve?

Surgery is performed as an outpatient procedure. The treatment is not painful, the laser beam only causes a stinging sensation. Therefore, 30-45 minutes prior to the procedure an anaesthetic ointment (EMLA) is applied to the treated area. Laser treatment of the whole face including the forehead and eyelids takes about six to ten hours. The upper lip laser treatment takes ten minutes. Finally, a special ointment is applied to the treated area.

What happens after surgery?

At the end of the laser treatment, the areas are treated with a special ointment – Avene Cicalfate. One pack will be provided to the patient (it is included in the price of treatment). The treated areas are red, without any secretion, there are no bandages. Mild burning quickly subsides within a few minutes and you can go home. Company is not required and you can even drive a car. During the following days, you will rub the ointment you have received into the skin whenever you feel contraction of the treated areas. The more you use the ointment, the faster and better the areas will heal. During the first three days the skin will flake a lot and it will darken. This all will quickly go back to normal. Within the fifth and seventh day, you can already use make-up and go to work and go out normally. The initial effect is already visible after one week, but for the overall effect you will have to wait for about three months - until there is a multiplication of elastic and collagen fibers. Where appropriate, surgery can be repeated whenever at an interval of 4-6 weeks.

When is it suitable to perform surgery?

The most suitable period is from autumn to spring. Outside this period and in some cases it is also possible to perform laser treatment, but it must be decided by the physician.


The new fractional technology eliminates the disadvantages and enables the full benefits of the CO2 laser. This is one example where the increasing level of technology brings great benefits to its users. Satisfaction of our patients is the best proof.


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